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Take the van conversion mastery course to learn the best, most efficient, most effective ways to build a campervan. We are experts at converting custom vans and it’s time we share all of our tips and tricks with you!



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Learn from 10+ Years of Van Conversion Experience.

12 Modules with 40+ Lesson Videos

Layout – Insulation – Sound Deadening – Flooring – Wall and Ceiling Panels – Electrical – Solar Systems – Water Systems – Air and Water Heat – Cabinetry – Bed Systems – Cutting Holes – Exterior Modification

Learn skills from experienced van conversion pros so you can save time and money on your build!

Why Join the Course?

Learn Expert Techniques Used To Build 100's Of Van Conversions

Our experts have built van conversions using almost every platform: Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, Transit Connect, Econoline, Astro, Eurovan, Vanagon, VW Bus, School Bus, Nissan Versa, Truckbed Camper, and more.

Make A Quality Camper Build That Will Last For Years To Come.

There are a lot of risks involved in building a camper. You will be working with expensive materials and installing components that, if installed improperly, may catch fire.. Wrong cuts, poor wiring, bad cabinet building techniques, can all lead to unnecessary risk.

Learn Skills to keep your project efficient, saving you time and money.

When you learn a skill from someone who’s done it hundreds of times, you will avoid wasting hours of time researching and building using important techniques, and you will save lots of money knowing you are buying products that have been tested and proven for years.

Most people don’t know where to start.

That's Where We Come In.

We’ve built this course based on answers to the questions we’ve been asked throughout the years: “Where do I start? What layout do I choose? What van should I buy? What is the best insulation? How does solar work?” Our hope is that you’ll leave this course with all answers; no questions!

Customizable to Any Van

“But what about the $500, 30-year-old van I bought from my neighbor? Won’t that be different?” Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. These principles can be applied from a Ford Model T to a Tesla Model X 😉

Master The Art of Van Conversion