“Thanks, you make it easy on noobs like me!”
- Freddy J
“OOOOoooh man, you really helped me more in two seconds more than others in two days, thank you so much.”
- Cande Chan
“Hi, thank you very much for your videos, they’re really clear and useful!”
- Jana T.
“I love the way you made my another stressful assigment into something really fun and exciting to do, PENGUINS!”
- Mino M.
“Hey bro! You are doing a great job… your way of explaining is so simple… loads and loads of thanks to you. Keep up the good work.”
- Sandeep Walia
“Really liking your vids, helping me out a lot.”
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“I’m just sooo thankful for these videos.”
- Mino M.
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“Dude, you have the most sensible tutorials I’ve ever seen. This is exactly the way that I would explain things to people if I were teaching. People need to know why things don’t work as well as why they do. I’m pretty advanced and already on Java Script now but I’ve been looking for your style of teaching for years. Congratulations, I’ll be checking out more of you vids and telling class mates about them.”
- Anonymous
“Man, your training was great. It was simple and easy to understand. Keep up the good work you are a good teacher. Also funny.”
- Adriana Hernandez